Chicago’s Lala Lala Plays “Siren 042” at a Trippy-Ass Climbing Gym

In case you’ve been living under a WiFi-less rock: Audiotree has been changing the game in terms of live sessions, and their latest Far Out series has been reliably churning out rad content. Slaughter Beach, Dog playing cry-fest-smash-hit “Acolyte” in a dry cleaners? Sure thing. Hatchie shredding away on “Sure” at a roller rink? Yes, please. Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers truly tearing the house down at Chicago’s dirtiest hall-in-the-wall bar, the Lizard’s Liquid Lounge? Don’t mind if I do.

Last month, Audiotree knocked it out of the proverbial park again with Chicago-based indie group Lala Lala playing their spooky, masochistic single “Siren 042” at Hidden Peaks Climbing Gym, the blue-toned utopia located in Lala Lala’s hometown. Visually and sonically serene, this video perfectly encompasses the shimmering spookiness of the this track. Even more remarkably, guitarist, vocalist, and sound machinist Lillie West is one of those rare birds who sounds unbelievably better live– even compared to her already incredibly impressive studio recordings.

Extra rad points go to that “Movies” shirt. What a band full of wonderful, wonderful weirdos. Watch NOW.


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