Check Out Rachael Price, Margaret Glaspy, Bridget Kearney, and Brittany Haas Do Dixie Chicks Cosplay In 2012

Sometimes when I’m supremely bored, I like create imaginary supergroups in my mind. Try it: It’s like Fantasy Football, but for people who wear overly expensive vintage clothes instead of Vineyard Vines. Every once in a while, these kinds of supergroups seem to form IRL (I’m looking at you, boygenius and Filthy Friends). It’s in those moments that I wonder if God is real, or if the algorithm is so strong that they’ve delved into my mind and created the groups of my fantasy to keep my Spotify plays up. Who’s to say.

The Fundies are one of those groups that seem top-to-bottom, head-and-shoulders, 100% too-good-to-be-true. Boasting the likes of Lake Street Dive’s Rachael Price, the inimitable Margaret Glaspy, indie Bridget Kearney, and string extrodinaire Brittany Haas, this group truly has no weak links.

This EP is just solid, good fun. This might be old news to you. I’m posting it today because I don’t hear people talking about it ALL THE TIME, so I’m pretty sure many might not even know that it exists. If you need me, I’ll be practicing my harmonies so that I might make a quintet of this quartet, should they ever decide to get back together. Listen to the masterpiece below.


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